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Michelle Barr

Intuitive Success Coach

Working with timeless teachings, Universal Law, energy medicine, and brain science to help you Purposefully Manifest fulfilling and rewarding work, healthy relationships – including your relationship with money! – stress-free environments, more connection to your Self and your Spirituality…

and living into your Purpose and Vision and loving it all!


I am an Intuitive Success Coach, helping people with both personal and professional success. I work with people who are called to create a better life for themselves, a more expanded and satisfying life. I have created powerful systems and processes to guide and support you in this transformational journey that begins with serving yourself and leads to you serving others through your gifts, talents, skills and abilities.

My work with you is both powerfully practical and spiritually rich, providing you with what you need to move forward in a very holistic and multi-dimensional way, addressing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies, all the areas of your life, and your life as a Whole all at the same time.

Everything is Energy, and how these energies show up in your life are based on your perceptions, your beliefs, your thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. In order to create change, in order to create what you want, we have to start here.

The top 3 things people come to me for help in their lives with are:

Purposeful Sustainable Work




All of these are energies at work in your  life, and they are being created both consciously and unconsciously by you. The good news is that you have the absolute power to change every one of the things you don’t like in your life once you understand what’s really going on. Once you take the reins and take charge of your life and apply these principles and processes, you will see change very quickly.

And here’s the thing, one affects the other, and when you start making change at an energetic level with any area of your life, it brings you more of what you want in all areas of your life.

I also work with a lot of people in transition, such as loss of a spouse or partner, loss of a job, retirement, or a geographical move.

I work a lot with people who want to come out of jobs they don’t love, who want to deal with toxic environments and transform unhealthy relationships.

I bring a unique blend of experience, training, knowledge and passion to my work. I am a Healer and always have been. I have expressed myself as a Healer in a wide variety of ways throughout my life. I was a mental health counselor for 10 years and also worked as a therapist in a psychiatric hospital. I taught life management skills and stress management through inpatient and outpatient programs. After that, I desired to address the spiritual aspects of life in my work, so I attended seminary and became a certified Spiritual Director and a Hospital Chaplain. Six years ago, after a move to a new community, I felt called to take an even more holistic approach and expanded my work into alternative healing modalities, becoming an Energy Medicine Specialist and Master Healer.

After hiring my first Coach and applying these principles and processes to my business life, I very quickly grew a thriving local private practice. Two years ago, I began to expand my reach and leverage my business by transitioning from a local practice to a global presence where I can serve my clients all over the world through programs and products as well as through coaching.

I am called now to help others walk this path that I have walked and to support and guide them in this journey.

I have always had an Entrepreneurial Spirit, and at the same time I have always known that the work I do needs to be meaningful and significant for me, it has to align with my Purpose, the reason I am here. I have found that there are many things that I can do, and, believe me, I have done a lot of different things, but there is the thing I am made to do, and that is what I am committed to do now and moving forward.

I understand what life is like when you are not living who you are and taking that out into the world. During a time in my life when I was trying to live out what was expected of me and fitting into roles I was being asked to fulfill, I became very ill and suffered an undiagnosed illness for 7 years. Now, I very much understand what was going on in my body and how it was created in my experience. Once I committed to living the life I came here to live and doing the work I am called to do in the world, I became healed, and no sign of the previous illness remains. I am medication free and pain free and have been for over 8 years.

My journey serves you on your journey:

“I share with you how I went from running an expensive hobby just a few short years ago… giving my time, energy and my services away at the expense of myself… to be able to be of high service to others living my vision, my mission, my dreams and my truth all while creating a life I love that supports me… and you can, too!

I share with you how I went from being sick with an undiagnosed illness for 7 years to being pain free and medication free.

I share with you how I healed my relationships with my husband, my children, my parents and my siblings and went on to build supportive and empowering communities both locally and globally.

I share with you how I took control of my life, my emotions and my own healing and then went on to help others do the same.”


When you work with me, you are getting a Spiritual Teacher, Master Healer, Counselor, Coach, Intuitive, Strategist, Conscious Entrepreneur, Advisor and Guide all at the same time. I will work with you holistically, as a whole person, so that you can create a whole life that is joyful and fulfilling. And, if your desire is to then help others do the same, I will teach you how to do that.


If you are ready to move forward in your life and want the support and guidance I can provide you, contact me to schedule your complimentary Discovery Session.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Wishing You Absolute Joy,

Michelle Barr

Intuitive Success Coach










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