Yep, I Did It! I talked about money, and I talked about it right up front.

by Michelle Barr on August 10, 2013

haters_gonna_hateAnd, guess what? It triggered some people. A lot.

I know by now that I’m a catalyst, but it still gets really uncomfortable when what I put out there starts flying back at me. You know, I already got unfriended last week after a very heated debate by a Facebook friend who had been connected to me for over 3 years. She was arguing for her limitations and saying she’s waiting until money no longer exists and all our needs our met by Spirit. That day is coming, she told me. Yes, I know. But it’s not here right now. And you are!

I can’t tell you how many people have told me they hate money and can’t wait for the day it no longer exists. Money is just energy, and if it wasn’t paper and coins, you would still play out the same stuff you are playing out now, whatever that is. It’s about the receiving and allowing and the putting your value out into the world. You have the opportunity to have one of the greatest spiritual transformations of your life by dealing with and healing your issues with money.

I come here week after week and month after month challenging my clients to step up into their greatness, to answer what is calling to them, to do what they are made to do, and to live a great life at the same time. So, I have to continue to do the same.

During the past year, I have been coaching and training a lot of spiritual intuitive people to build their businesses and, in doing so, build the life they want to live.

One of my clients had gone back to work after her business wasn’t supporting and sustaining her. Within the first 30 days of working with me in my 90 Days to Transformation Private Coaching Program, she was making money, good solid money. Just 90 days later, she has reduced her work schedule by over half and is planning for the day very soon when she leaves the job for good.

Here’s the thing… If you are building a business, it’s about money. If not, it’s not a business. If you are building a business and conflicted about this, you’re probably not making any money.

How do I know?

Because I’ve done both. I fooled myself into thinking I was running a business until I finally had to admit that what I created for myself was a very expensive hobby. I had to close the doors on it after 18 months. I had run my family’s finances into the ground, not provided for my own needs, and now I couldn’t do my work in the world either. That sucks.

Why else would you endure the time, energy and resources it takes to build a business in the first place, not to mention the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual effort that is expended? It’s an amazing journey, and also the most intensive personal and spiritual growth and development course you will ever enroll in.

The whole reason you build a business is to express who you truly are and to create a life of freedom, purpose and soul-level satisfaction. You create your business to support and sustain the life you want to live. And that includes your business making money. Whether your needs and wants are big or simple, running your own business takes money. Upleveling your business takes money. Why is it that this is well-known fact until we start talking about spiritual businesses where people are using their spiritual gifts?

What drives a lot of us spiritual helpers and healers is the desire to make the world a better place to live in. That is what initially has always driven me. We are called to use the gifts we are given, we feel other people and know we can do something that helps them.

What I’m telling you now is that after two decades of working non-profits to serve others making way under $50,000 a year, most of the time under $30,000 a year, I wasn’t able to live the life I want to live, a life that supports me and sustains me in my spiritual journey and in my physical journey. Then I went out into my community and tried to run a service for everyone else without also serving my Highest Good, and it didn’t work, for anyone. I am done with that. It didn’t serve me. It didn’t serve my family. And it really didn’t serve the people I was trying to serve. How could it? What a horrible role model.

I know people right now, lots of them, who have beautiful gifts to give others and a beautiful Spirit and energy to share. But they aren’t doing it. They are touching people, a little at a time, when they can squeeze it in around jobs they don’t love and being exhausted from jobs they don’t love, plus the worry and fear and struggle that comes with living without enough, and the energy drain of not living in your Purpose and your Truth. They could be touching hundreds and even thousands!

How do I know?

Because when I got done with what wasn’t working for me or anybody else, I went out and found the people who are building spiritual businesses, using their gifts and touching hundreds and thousands of lives every year, day in and day out. They take care of themselves. That allows them to be of even greater service. I started learning from them, and I started doing the same.

And it has changed everything.

commanding wealthOne of the things I had to do in the beginning of this new journey was heal my money crap, and a lot of spiritual people have it, and it gets in the way. We are the first and loudest people to proclaim that we believe in an Abundant Universe, but the proof is in the actual experience. What are you waiting for?

If you were done here, you would choose to leave. You’re still here.

When my clients come to me, they talk about money. That is their pain. They want to make money doing what they love. Many people share this desire. So, why are we all out there on one hand desiring such a thing and on the other hand shaming and shouting out against those who openly express this desire?

It’s time to talk about the money. It’s time to heal the money crap. Personally and across our communities and cultures. My passion is for money to be in the hands of heart-centered, loving, compassionate, helping, healing people. They are the ones, we are the ones, who are going to make a real difference in the world. It takes standing up, getting real, challenging what you think and believe, taking honest inventory of what you have been doing and how you have been living, and then to make a new decision, a new choice, and a new commitment…

… if you want to. If you’re ready to. Or not.

I’m willing to stay uncomfortable, with the help of my support systems, to hold this energetic stance of including money in the conversation and helping those who show up to do the work to make it and make their lives better.

If that’s a conversation you want to have with me, I encourage you to contact me, so we can chat some more about what’s possible right here and right now for you.

If this still pisses you off, and you don’t want to go there at all, then you might have to unfriend me. I hope you don’t, but I honor your journey however you choose to experience it. I hope you’ll honor mine, as well, even when you don’t agree with it. That’s what makes this all so incredible. We each get to say what is, and so it is for us.



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Barbara Becker August 15, 2013 at 6:16 pm

To me, money is a form of love. It’s how we honor and respect one another for receiving a service, product, etc. Love your article!! Keep them coming!
Barbara Becker recently posted..What Is The Purpose Of Our Life?


Michelle Barr August 15, 2013 at 7:29 pm

Thank you, Barbara! Money is energy, and, yes, it can represent love and value.


Helena Bowers August 15, 2013 at 7:18 pm

Great post Michelle! I have decided that if it’s the only goal I accomplish this year I am going to deal with my money issues.


Michelle Barr August 15, 2013 at 7:29 pm

Helena, that is a great goal! I spent six months one-to-one intensively with a private coach to deal with my money and spirituality issues. It paid off.


Moira Hutchison August 16, 2013 at 3:02 pm

I loved this article Michelle – I’ve been working on my uncomfortable-ness around money for a wee while now and it is starting to shift. As much as I would like to think of a time where money does not exist – the truth is that it does now and so do I :).

I love what you say here also about committing to being in business or not – I’m changes things up in my business and expect to see thing really change in the next 2-3 months.

Thanks for your wisdom and encouragement!
Moira Hutchison recently posted..Become a Master of Self-Discipline


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