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“Thank you for walking me through visualizing what I want. I like the idea of concentrating on how it feels. Emotions are powerful and I think easier to concentrate on than the actual thing. Some times asking what you want out of life can be complicated and too detailed. But asking how you want to feel can bring out one simple emotion that defines the goal. Thanks again.” — Callista

“Michelle, I am participating in your free 21 days program. It’s ‘funny,’ but not surprising how things are coming into my life to speak the very thing you are saying in your daily emails. I am committed to the 21 days.” — Arlene

“Hi, Michelle. I owe you a HUGE THANK YOU> I’m some way through your 21 day emails and they are all AWESOME! I’ve been stuck for a while and the stuff you share is just amazing and makes such sense. Thank you for my heart and you have a huge FAN here for life!! Lots of love.” — Sara

“Michelle, your email is reassuring. Last week I struggled finding something to commit to because I have several. I read your emails and listened to a few of your Ask Michelle Barr recordings. I found myself very excited but then tossing and turning at night. So, I coasted along and spent some much needed time on a project that is near and dear to my heart. Wouldn’t you know it… my commitment was right under my nose. Over the past few days I have committed and taken ownership. I am excited about the future of this project. Your email this morning couldn’t have come at a better time. I feel like I am on the right path and ahead of the curve. You are a blessing!” — Karla

“Michelle, your messages are amazing, insightful and powerful. Thank you for helping me be present for your coaching.” — Doris

“I have been doing Michelle’s 21 day course… and can I just say I am shifting in so many exciting ways, doors are opening and I am walking through them. On the days when I feel like I am ‘blocking,” I will sit and re-read my notes and will continue on my journey. I am ready for all these wonderful changes, and I am practicing extreme self care during this time so that I support myself also. THANK YOU MICHELLE.” — Susanne

“Michelle, your method for explaining how to focus on being in your heart and full of gratitude is awesome. Your coaching tools are bringing some wonderful focus and clarity of purpose.” — Cynthia

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