Work With Michelle Barr, Your Own Personal Intuitive Success Coach

When you work with me, you are getting an Intuitive Coach, Business Strategist, Mindset Mentor, Spiritual Teacher, Master Healer, Counselor, Conscious Entrepreneur, Advisor and Guide all at the same time.

I will work with you holistically, as a whole person, so that you can create a whole life that is joyful and fulfilling. I will help you to build a business that supports and sustains the life you want to live. And, if your desire is to then help others do the same, I will teach you how to do that.

Begin wherever you are. Choose your speed. Choose your focus.

My programs are tailor-made for you.

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Working with me as your coach and mentor provides the benefits of receiving information, awareness and insight, intuitive and energetic healing and clearing, as well as accountability, consistency, support, guidance and ongoing training.

As my client, you are provided with support and guidance, intuitively, energetically, and through the teaching and application of principles, tools and techniques that move you into new understandings and ways of being and doing and having.

I recommend that my clients make a 90-Day commitment to working with me and take advantage of the discounted special package prices I offer. In my work, I have found that 90 days of consistently working together creates profound and lasting transformation, and clients are able to M.O.V.E. through my powerful processes and see results in a very real way.

If you are interested in working with me and want to have a conversation first, contact me, and we will schedule a complimentary consultation.