My First and Last Visit to A Psychic

psychicI was just 25 years old the first time I went to see a psychic. A friend of mine told me about her, a woman in Dallas she had recently heard about. Back then, these things were still very hush-hush. You had to know somebody who knew somebody, unless you wanted to take your chances on the side of the road and see the Psychic with the flashing neon sign.

And so I went. My life was a mess. I was a mess. And I wanted to know what she had to tell me.

After making an appointment, I ended up in a townhouse in a lovely suburban neighborhood with a woman named Fan who showed me into her office and asked me to take a seat on the couch. She brought me some water then sat down beside me, reached out and touched my hand and began to talk.

She saw immediately what I was going through with my toxic marriage, and she told me I had been feeling like I should make a move, and that I thought it was an unrealistic idea, I mean, how could I possibly do that, and she said THAT is exactly what you should do. She saw my best friend who was dying and spoke to me about that.  She saw the job I had just come out of, and told me there was a reason for it, and she told me that the other jobs I was trying to get were not going to work out for me right now, because making this move was that answer to what I was asking for, even though I didn’t know it.

The jobs didn’t work out. I did make the move. And it changed my entire life.

I continued to see Fan at least once or twice a year over the next 22 years. When I was close, I saw her in person. When I lived further away, I talked to her by phone. Fan’s guidance was invaluable to me. She saw things I couldn’t see, even though they were going on in my world. She validated for me feelings I was having, things I was feeling called to do, and she helped me see not only how to do them but why they were so important. She saved me many a misstep over the years, and she provided me with peace of mind.

The last time I saw Fan was two years ago.  She was 94 years old. She brought me a glass of water, and we sat down on the couch in her office. I was so excited to tell her how so many things we had talked about had come true.

She had seen me building my own private practice after moving back to Texas. I remember telling her when she first said this, that is what I feel I am to do, but I don’t see how. I don’t have my license in Texas, and it’s going to require a bunch of additional steps to get it. Yet, she assured me, she saw this happening for me. And it did. She had seen me speaking on a stage. And I have. Many times now.

As I described to her the business I was now doing that I love so much, she asked me a question. “I know you’re a Counselor, but that’s not all you are doing for your clients now? What are you really doing?” And something opened inside of me. I was bursting at the seams with it. I told her, “No. I am doing more than that now.” Then she said, “You are like me. You can do what I do. You see that now? You do this for your clients now. And because of that, our time together today is no charge, and you will not pay me again.” And she clapped her hands, her face lighting up with delight.

That day, I received her blessing and such a gift, that all these years I had been going to see her, from the time I was 25 until the time I was 47 years old, I was growing into who I really am and discovering how to do what I am here to do and literally made to do.  With every guided step, with every decision, with every bit of information she offered me, I found my way.

Now, I Coach others who are intuitive; psychics, mediums, healers, those who have gifts to bring to the world and share with others. I Coach them intuitively, energetically, and strategically to discover how to do what they are here to do, what they are made to do, and support and guide them in growing into who they really are.

So, now I ask you:

Who are you?

What are you here to do?

What have you been made to do?

We are just one season away from a new year. As you step across the threshold into the new, what do you really want to be doing?

I urge and encourage you to not waste another moment living any less than a Purpose-full life. Extreme Abundance comes from living your Soul Purpose full out!

My life the day I first showed up at Fan’s townhouse is unrecognizable from the life I now live. I am creating every day a life of Extreme Abundance, living my Soul Purpose full out and not willing to settle for anything less.

I have several ways I can support you in doing the same if you are ready to commit to this journey.

Spiritual Seekers, Your Path of Purpose to Personal Success begins right here.

Conscious Entrepreneurs, Your Path of Purpose to Personal and Business Success begins right here.


4 Steps to Help You Start Strong and Create What You Desire

“If your core is weak, nothing else can be strong.”

mountainposeyogaBy working first from the CORE, it will make you stronger mentally and emotionally and help you build a rock-solid foundation from which you can create everything else!

As the whole of you works together and is completely interrelated – body, mind and spirit – everything else relies on your core. It’s your base, and your center of attraction.

Here’s how to start strong and create what you desire.

C. Clarity

Confusion is one of the things I most often see keeping people stuck. Whenever you get stuck in Confusion, the first thing you want to do is create clarity. It can feel overwhelming, and you may feel like you’re not ready or prepared to get clear. But that’s because you are seeing and feeling your big picture, your big Vision. You only need to create clarity around this moment and your next step. When faced with Confusion, there is always something you can do to move out of Confusion.

Just start with, “What is one thing I need to know?” and when you are able to connect with that information, you can then take an action in that direction.

“I’m confused. I’m stuck.” is an excuse. Confusion is a defense mechanism. It does not serve you. It creates a story, and allows you to live in that story, if you choose. It is a distraction, and it is ultimately avoidance.

Recognize it. Own it. Push through Resistance into Receptivity. Get started right now.

gifttoyouHere is my gift to you, a tool from my coaching toolbox that I use with my clients, and it’s yours. Now, here’s the thing. I want you to use it. Use it once, right now or very soon, then hold onto it, add it to your toolbox, and use it often. This is just one of the powerfully practical and spiritually rich tools I use in my coaching program., and it works equally well for both your business and your life.

“There is always a way forward from wherever you now stand.”

O. Ownership

Getting clarity about the next thing you need to know leads way to an inspired action it is clear you must take next. Now, it’s time to make a decision, and then take ownership of that decision. This is so important, because here’s where a lot of people start to fall apart. The minute they get clarity and make the decision to take that next step, there is often a moment of euphoria followed by the ego fighting for its life. So, then you start second-guessing yourself, doubting yourself, playing back all the programs full of limited beliefs and toxic patterns, until there you are, spinning again.

It’s take a tremendous amount of creative energy to get yourself from here to where you want to be, especially those first few steps. So, you don’t need anything draining your energy, and that’s what those kinds of behaviors do.

As soon as you catch the clarity and make a decision, support yourself in that decision 100%. Sometimes, this takes practice, and, at first, you may only be able to support yourself 100% for a few minutes, a few hours, a day. Notice your own self-talk, and notice the stories you are telling others. It all counts. It all matters.

R. Receptivity

From this new energetic stance, you can begin to receive what you are asking for. Things will begin to show up for you in the physical when you start taking physical action.

Here is another sticking point for many people. You want to recognize that there is a Law of Giving and Receiving. Picture it like the infinity symbol. Some people have their giving blocked, and then there are those of you who are more likely to be reading this that have your receiving blocked.

You want to make sure you are open and allowing the good you are asking for. This is a big part of where doing the energetic work first brings you the best results.

E. Embodiment

Do you see what we are creating here? We get clear on what energetic stance to take and what next step we are going to commit to. Without that, none of the rest of this will bring you what you desire.

Once you are clear, you take ownership. You support yourself 100%. You hold onto your Vision and revisit it every day. It’s your touchstone. All your energy is now being focused to support what you are wanting to create. Picture this as a hose with a strong concentrated spray rather than lots of trickles going off in all directions. Then you open to receive what you are asking for.

It is written in every sacred text, “Ask and it is given.” And, it’s true. You are always given the opportunity to create what you are asking for. It doesn’t always show up in the way you expect it to. It’s not always logical. And it’s often not comfortable. Nevertheless, don’t miss it when it shows up. The clearer you are, the more centered, grounded and focused you are, the quicker and easier it will all come together for you. Just like anything else, you want to execute it from a strong core.

The next step is to pull that focused energy right into you. Imagine it. Own it. Focus on it. Receive it. And embody it. Become one with it. Become the person  who is being what you need to be and doing what you need to do to have what you desire. Call it in.

At this point, it’s important to notice where old habits try to overtake you, fears, doubts, worries, anything that tries to pull you off center. And deal with it immediately. Keep coming back to this new energetic stance you have created for yourself.

If you do this, what you desire will already be a part of your energy fields. It will already exist around you. It’s Universal Law that if you desire something, it does exist for you. Now you’re ready to move into action.

“It takes third-dimensional action to create third-dimensional results. It takes massive third-dimensional action to create massive third-dimensional results.”


Michelle Barr is an Intuitive Success Coach, Business Strategist and Mindset Mentor who loves to help Conscious Entrepreneurs and Spiritual Seekers translate their Soul Purpose into a tangible, easy-to-implement, step-by-step plan so they can make big money while making a big difference. She is the Creator and Founder of the Spiritual Business School and the Spiritual Growth Academy.


Yep, I Did It! I talked about money, and I talked about it right up front.

haters_gonna_hateAnd, guess what? It triggered some people. A lot.

I know by now that I’m a catalyst, but it still gets really uncomfortable when what I put out there starts flying back at me. You know, I already got unfriended last week after a very heated debate by a Facebook friend who had been connected to me for over 3 years. She was arguing for her limitations and saying she’s waiting until money no longer exists and all our needs our met by Spirit. That day is coming, she told me. Yes, I know. But it’s not here right now. And you are!

I can’t tell you how many people have told me they hate money and can’t wait for the day it no longer exists. Money is just energy, and if it wasn’t paper and coins, you would still play out the same stuff you are playing out now, whatever that is. It’s about the receiving and allowing and the putting your value out into the world. You have the opportunity to have one of the greatest spiritual transformations of your life by dealing with and healing your issues with money.

I come here week after week and month after month challenging my clients to step up into their greatness, to answer what is calling to them, to do what they are made to do, and to live a great life at the same time. So, I have to continue to do the same.

During the past year, I have been coaching and training a lot of spiritual intuitive people to build their businesses and, in doing so, build the life they want to live.

One of my clients had gone back to work after her business wasn’t supporting and sustaining her. Within the first 30 days of working with me in my 90 Days to Transformation Private Coaching Program, she was making money, good solid money. Just 90 days later, she has reduced her work schedule by over half and is planning for the day very soon when she leaves the job for good.

Here’s the thing… If you are building a business, it’s about money. If not, it’s not a business. If you are building a business and conflicted about this, you’re probably not making any money.

How do I know?

Because I’ve done both. I fooled myself into thinking I was running a business until I finally had to admit that what I created for myself was a very expensive hobby. I had to close the doors on it after 18 months. I had run my family’s finances into the ground, not provided for my own needs, and now I couldn’t do my work in the world either. That sucks.

Why else would you endure the time, energy and resources it takes to build a business in the first place, not to mention the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual effort that is expended? It’s an amazing journey, and also the most intensive personal and spiritual growth and development course you will ever enroll in.

The whole reason you build a business is to express who you truly are and to create a life of freedom, purpose and soul-level satisfaction. You create your business to support and sustain the life you want to live. And that includes your business making money. Whether your needs and wants are big or simple, running your own business takes money. Upleveling your business takes money. Why is it that this is well-known fact until we start talking about spiritual businesses where people are using their spiritual gifts?

What drives a lot of us spiritual helpers and healers is the desire to make the world a better place to live in. That is what initially has always driven me. We are called to use the gifts we are given, we feel other people and know we can do something that helps them.

What I’m telling you now is that after two decades of working non-profits to serve others making way under $50,000 a year, most of the time under $30,000 a year, I wasn’t able to live the life I want to live, a life that supports me and sustains me in my spiritual journey and in my physical journey. Then I went out into my community and tried to run a service for everyone else without also serving my Highest Good, and it didn’t work, for anyone. I am done with that. It didn’t serve me. It didn’t serve my family. And it really didn’t serve the people I was trying to serve. How could it? What a horrible role model.

I know people right now, lots of them, who have beautiful gifts to give others and a beautiful Spirit and energy to share. But they aren’t doing it. They are touching people, a little at a time, when they can squeeze it in around jobs they don’t love and being exhausted from jobs they don’t love, plus the worry and fear and struggle that comes with living without enough, and the energy drain of not living in your Purpose and your Truth. They could be touching hundreds and even thousands!

How do I know?

Because when I got done with what wasn’t working for me or anybody else, I went out and found the people who are building spiritual businesses, using their gifts and touching hundreds and thousands of lives every year, day in and day out. They take care of themselves. That allows them to be of even greater service. I started learning from them, and I started doing the same.

And it has changed everything.

commanding wealthOne of the things I had to do in the beginning of this new journey was heal my money crap, and a lot of spiritual people have it, and it gets in the way. We are the first and loudest people to proclaim that we believe in an Abundant Universe, but the proof is in the actual experience. What are you waiting for?

If you were done here, you would choose to leave. You’re still here.

When my clients come to me, they talk about money. That is their pain. They want to make money doing what they love. Many people share this desire. So, why are we all out there on one hand desiring such a thing and on the other hand shaming and shouting out against those who openly express this desire?

It’s time to talk about the money. It’s time to heal the money crap. Personally and across our communities and cultures. My passion is for money to be in the hands of heart-centered, loving, compassionate, helping, healing people. They are the ones, we are the ones, who are going to make a real difference in the world. It takes standing up, getting real, challenging what you think and believe, taking honest inventory of what you have been doing and how you have been living, and then to make a new decision, a new choice, and a new commitment…

… if you want to. If you’re ready to. Or not.

I’m willing to stay uncomfortable, with the help of my support systems, to hold this energetic stance of including money in the conversation and helping those who show up to do the work to make it and make their lives better.

If that’s a conversation you want to have with me, I encourage you to contact me, so we can chat some more about what’s possible right here and right now for you.

If this still pisses you off, and you don’t want to go there at all, then you might have to unfriend me. I hope you don’t, but I honor your journey however you choose to experience it. I hope you’ll honor mine, as well, even when you don’t agree with it. That’s what makes this all so incredible. We each get to say what is, and so it is for us.

Default Living a.k.a. How the Hell Did I Get Here?

“Default living comes as a result of operating from a reactive place and making decisions from an unbalanced ‘fight or flight’ state of emergency and stress all the time. We are allowing programmed thoughts, beliefs and scripts to navigate and guide our actions. We are letting the unconscious drive our bus. (This is a big part of the reason why using The Law of Attraction isn’t as effective for us as we’d like it to be.)”


There’s nothing worse than watching life spiral out of control right before your very eyes.

FBdefaultDealing with rocky relationships overrun with emotional turbulence, resentment and non-communication. Your spouse or partner is withdrawn. Your children are distant and acting out. Everyone is angry and dissatisfied. Chronic health issues, and tension rippling through your body, both largely due to the stress of working at things you don’t love doing. Coming home so late and exhausted, with no time left for yourself, no energy for self-care, leftover food and unpaid bills the only thing waiting for you. Living a less-than life of toxic relationships, toxic environments, and toxic patterns of thought and behavior.

Each situation is a challenge on its own. Combine any or all of these challenges, and you’re literally pushed over your threshold.

… Especially when you don’t see any signs of the storm ending in sight.

And while you’re usually the pillar of strength in your circle, always the one serving generous helpings of love and guidance to your friends, family, and coworkers, you don’t have anything left to support yourself.

You’re burned out. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically. Spiritually.

You’re tired of waking up every day feeling weak, powerless and out of control. You’re ready for some action. To prove how serious you are about changing your life, you’ve been doing everything you can to take control of your life, things like:

  • Attending seminars by great spiritual teachers and leaders like Deepak Chopra
  • Reading everything you can get your hands on by Hay House and watching Oprah’s Soul Sunday
  • Clearing your energy with EFT, Reiki and Meditation
  • Keeping a gratitude journal and coming up with your own affirmations
  • Researching spiritual principles like those found in “The Secret”

Yet, try as you might, you’re still falling short of your goals. You’re tripping over the hurdles and letting them fall on top of you. You have no idea why, but you’re getting frustrated and fed up.

IMAGINE Instead… Consciously living each day with profound purpose, peace and connection — all by your creation. Yes, you can make peace of mind a reality.

How would it feel if you were able to completely detox your life from the negativity and nonsense, and then completely re-design it so that you can:

  • Enjoy supportive, loving relationships with your spouse and children – and create lasting family memories full of love and happiness?
  • Heal from past traumas, pain and negativity that hold you back from living successfully on – and in – your purpose?
  • Develop financial wisdom that allows you to live in a spin-cycle of prosperity as opposed to perpetually a day late and a dollar short?

What if you created all of this – amazing family, career and financial prosperity – without someone else’s opinions or action imposing on your vision of how your life is supposed to be?

Here’s the reason I ask!

I was there, living in that place, until I made a decision to start taking control of my life, my emotions and my healing. Now, I’m a living testimony that you can transform your existence so you can experience life at its best. All. The. Time.

I’ve rebooted my life from miserable circumstances – including an unhappy marriage and draining career – TWICE. It wasn’t until I committed myself to learning how to consciously create life on my terms that I transformed my life for the better with lasting results.

Did “The Secret?” fail you? “The Secret,” otherwise known as the Law of Attraction, created a healing crisis in myself and many of my clients as we struggled to use this Universal Principle to transform our lives for the better.

It wasn’t until 2003 that I finally learned how to master it, and it wasn’t what I expected at all. Just as Peter Pan taught Wendy how to fly, “The Secret” was supposed to show you how to fly over and above your struggles and create an amazing life. Think positive thoughts and you’ll attract everything you’ve ever wanted, it declared.

And so we listened. We committed ourselves to making shift happen. We read the book and listened to the audios over and over again, and maybe even joined some groups to help us really make it work. We carried our rose quartz in our purse, tucked beside the gratitude journal, which we were updating daily as Oprah instructed us with “5 Things I am Grateful for Today…”

handbasketStill, after several weeks or even months of practice, we failed to manifest the new job, get the raise we knew we deserved or lower our work hours. Some of our marriages were still on the rocks. A few husbands threatened to leave. Children refused to behave at home or in school. The creditors and bill collectors continued to chew up the credit report, as things financially appeared to be going to hell in a handbasket, and pretty quickly.

I was working in mental health at the time, and  saw so many going into what I considered to be a healing crisis. Having failed to get results, people were blaming themselves, the people pushing the solution, and even the world at large. It seemed to be working for some, but for many more, it was creating chaos and wreaking havoc in their lives. At that point, many gave up on becoming the Conscious Creators of their lives and decided it was for suckers, discarded their beliefs, felt jilted and resigned to living life as-is.

Much to my surprise, that’s where I found myself at one point. And since I’ve been there myself, and gotten through it, I can tell you from experience that the problem was and is not The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction works. You just have to understand how to work with it. Because, you can’t get what you want by just thinking happy thoughts about it. You have to take ACTION!

What “The Secret” failed to reveal about the Law of Attraction is that it requires action. You cannot get what you want from any situation by just thinking about it.

To create change, you have to actively make changes – starting with yourself, and starting from the inside. When you change your energy, you change your life and create what you want powerfully and purposefully.

During the darkest period of my life, I had to overcome a whirlwind of painful experiences – including death, toxic relationships and an undiagnosed illness – in order to experience the life I have today. I had to change who I was in order to change my circumstances – including my understanding of the Law of Attraction and other Universal Principles.

Here’s my story:

I was living by default.

I married my high school sweetheart at the age of 20, but our marriage was anything but loving or happy. To be quite honest with you, it was actually toxic, and venomous. Our relationship should have been my daily source of strength and love; instead more than a fair share of dark moments overshadowed its blessings.

And although I was just starting out in my career, work was taking it’s toll on me also.

By nature, I’m a Healer, Helper, and Empathic Intuitive, so not only can I feel others’ emotions and energy, but I actively engage my energy to heal others from intense emotional and mental stress, as well.

I was great at my job. Maybe too great. I say this because I helped many people heal, but at the expense of my own health. I was emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually exhausted.

I was what you would call living by default. Living by default is when you’re living in reaction or response to your life instead of being an active participant, or co-creator of life.

I lived by default because I wasn’t in control. Everyone else was. Others called the shots; I just followed along. My husband controlled my emotions. My job controlled my work hours and paychecks. I submitted myself to meet others’ demands and expectations without regard to the effects it would have on me.

Clearly, I knew living by default wasn’t healthy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine there’s nothing positive about “surviving” the turbulence of a rocky marriage, exhausting job and pressure to make ends meet each month on a check that barely covers the basics. My misery left no room for any sense of peace or fulfillment.

Despite the circumstances, I figured living by default was the norm. It was how life was meant to be – miserable and unfulfilling. We can’t all be happy, I thought, and others around me were more than happy to chime in. I felt helpless and hopeless. I didn’t understand how to stop living by default.

So, I left things as they were… until 1989, when I walked away from default living the first time.

Most of the time, you’ll only change your behavior when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing. In other words, no matter how miserable you are, you won’t be motivated to behave differently until things become unbearable for you.

My first taste of the unbearable came in 1989. It was a crazy year, the height of the AIDS epidemic. People were dying suddenly and painfully from this scary new virus. The outbreak, like my life, seemed to be totally out of control. It was in the midst of this global outbreak that my best friend told me he was dying of AIDS, too.

Death rattles you to the core. The brilliance in its darkness creates instant clarity in your Soul. Upon confrontation, you’ll gain an intense and immediate new perspective, come up against everything you believe. You’ll discover what really matters in life and purge the unnecessary.

My dear friend’s sudden circumstances led me to walk away from my life in Dallas; the husband, the marriage, the unfulfilling work, and the daily drudgery of it all, to be by his side in San Antonio and share this part of his journey with him. I provided company and comfort in his last days, never once looking back on the life I had left. This time of intense questioning, emotion and introspection led me into my first spiritual awakening.

Never once did I look back. I owed it to myself – and him – to put the past behind me and build a bigger, better life than the one I left behind. But my life didn’t truly and permanently begin to change until 2003.

After the death of my best friend, along with other friends I lost during that time, I kept to my word and rebuilt my life from scratch. By 2003, I had a new husband, new career and three children.

And I was miserable. I realized, once again, that I was living a “less-than” life. I had begun doing what was expected of me, doing what “everybody” does, putting up with what “everyone” puts up with, and I was miserable.

In other words, I succumbed to living by DEFAULT again!

I had marital problems, family problems, financial problems, work problems – and the whole house of cards was beginning to crumble.

Making matters worse, I was battling an undiagnosed illness that had been growing progressively worse for the past 7 years! Nobody knew what was going on. There was no diagnosis, no plan for treatment, and it became debilitating, slowly sucking away my vitality and my energy.

Now, remember, I’ve revealed to you that I’m an Empath. I am sensitive to others and their energy, and help heal them through sensing, feeling, reading, managing and moving energy. However, my career aggravated my health, because I was absorbing too much of everyone else’s emotional energy without managing my own.

Take that in for a second. Can you imagine – a lifelong empath, sensitive to the energy of others, helping and healing others, but clueless on how to help or heal herself?

I realized that in order to stop living in this constant state of misery, I had to do something. And, what’s more, I realized I was the only one who could do anything at all. I had to take action. In order to stop living by default, I had to step out on faith and take serious action.

Default living comes as a result of operating from a reactive place and making decisions from an unbalanced “fight or flight” state of emergency and stress all the time. We are allowing programmed thoughts, beliefs and scripts to navigate and guide our actions. We are letting the unconscious drive our bus. (This is a big part of the reason why using The Law of Attraction isn’t as effective for us as we’d like it to be.)

I decided at that very moment in 2003, when I awoke for a moment again and saw what I had created, to turn my life into an experiment for the Law of Attraction.

At the time, I was a mental health therapist, and I saw person after person going into a healing crisis, trying to apply these principles that sounded so simple and then feeling as if they had failed, or worse yet, feeling victimized and taken advantage of. They were either writing themselves off or writing the whole idea of an abundant Universe off.

I felt that if I focused and really did the work and observed my results, I’d be able to crack the code and change my life, right?

Once I served up my life as an experimental testing ground for The Law of Attraction, I accepted the trial and error that accompanied the process and really engaged fully in this new way of living, doing and being.

Only then did I figure out how to stop living by default and how to start living by purposeful and conscious design.

In order to change your life for the better, here are two things you must know: 

1. You must understand the spiritual components underlying your current conditions and experiences.

Spiritual undercurrents exist beneath the surface of our physical reality. You don’t need to ascribe to any particular religious belief – or even believe in God – to accept this. You just have to accept and acknowledge that there’s always a spiritual component that ripples into your physical reality and your experiences and affects your life at every level.

2. You must learn to master your energy in all of its forms and manage it at all times.

You are always in energetic exchange with everything in your world. Your energy is always interacting with everyone you come in contact with. Other people will boost, attack or siphon your energy. They’ll also pull your energy into their programs, beliefs and ideas – which may not serve to elevate you to your highest potential. To consciously create a powerful life, you must consciously detach and release from unsupportive energy sources and learn to be the only one in control of your energy. You must learn to discard the programs, patterns and thoughts that threaten your sustainability. You must learn to master your own energy and manage it in your daily life.

Your intuition and your energy are your two most powerful tools for transforming your life into what you most want it to be. It’s about learning to master the art of taking action, but not just any action, inspired action that comes from an empowered and intuitive place. It’s about learning how to take solid age-old spiritual principles, understand them, and ground them into a tangible and practical way so you can implement them in your life, no matter how busy, complicated or overwhelming it appears to be.

In fact, do you know what the biggest roadblock to success is? Taking in too much information without taking action. This common obstacle has caused so many of my clients to stall in manifesting change in their lives. You’re probably familiar with this experience also. Your life won’t change through consuming information alone. You have to create change, and it starts with changing yourself. When you change your thoughts and master yourself in all areas of your life, you can become a powerful magnet for the very things you want.

Your thoughts, habits, actions and energy must be in alignment in order to achieve your best results.

How about you? Are you aligned with your purpose, your vision, your mission, your dreams and your truth, or are you stuck in a negative spin cycle?

Every so often we come in contact with one of our big dreams and start taking action to achieve it. We set intentions and goals, strive for things like freedom, prosperity, abundance, health and success. Ready to live an authentic life filled with purpose, we invest ourselves and our time and energy to do what it takes to get there.

Suddenly an obstacle throws us off course. Everything comes to a screeching halt.

We lose momentum; we trip up and get lost in an old habit. We start to question ourselves, our “silly” dreams, and the emotional rollercoaster ride that seems to accompany the pursuit of happiness.

Negativity penetrates our system. Before we know it, we’re back where we started: safely nestled in our comfortable misery. Even though it no longer serves us, we remain comforted by the fact we know what to expect.

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you keep committing to your path over and over, only to get stuck time and time again? Or maybe you’ve been nudged and called toward something, but you just can’t imagine how to get started?

When you are living a life dictated by where you’ve been, toxic emotions, sad stories and negative self-talk hold you back. As a result, you create a lot of what you don’t want – along with feelings of anger, frustration, hopelessness and powerlessness.

You may not be aware of it, but when things like this happen, you’re not in alignment with all levels of your being. Not all the parts of you are on board. You start playing against yourself, and the stronger part of you starts to win.

When conflicting energies collide in your life in this fashion, you negate your chances of success. This is why mastering your intuition and energy is so important. Because it helps you get in full alignment so you can effectively change your life.

My Coach’s Challenge To You: It’s time to become fully aware. There are different levels of awareness within you. Among those are particularly troublesome ones that don’t buy into your Vision. These parts of you are scared of change or feel threatened and uncomfortable by your expansion. As a result, they bring about self-sabotage or neutralize your results on the path to personal transformation. You’ll have to seek these levels out, then adjust and realign them so they’re fully aware and open to the possibilities. The things that are unconsciously driving your bus need to be brought into the light of your awareness so you can deal with them head-on. Once they become conscious, they will lose their power to control you. Creating a better life, a life you love that supports and sustains you, is all about filling your toolbox with the right tools, mastering your mindset, and exploring the underlying beliefs and programs blocking your way. Are you merely interested or committed? This is a Yes or a No.

If you want to know how I’m living my life now and how to create a better life now for yourself, visit my website. I’ve got a lot of free resources there for you. And if you want to see the work I do that I love and that allows me to create the life I want to live and supports and sustains me, visit my website and find out how you can create a better business now.

Wishing You Absolute Joy In Your Journey!

Michelle Barr, Intuitive Success Coach

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What Happens When You Resist Commitment?

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstances permit. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.” — Art Turock

YesI still remember the day, sitting in San Diego in a conference aimed at getting me in touch with and connected to my big mission and my big life, and Lisa Sasevich, looking right at me, asked, “Are you merely interested or committed?”

Wow! What a question. That one not only spoke to me; it reached out and grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me a little. Up until that moment, I had been dabbling, playing in the possibilities, dreaming about all the things I could do and would do. I had big intentions. And yet, I was dancing around the edges, dipping my toe in, surveying the surface, without diving in.

Lisa called me to action that day, and nothing has ever been the same since. Everything I had learned and experienced up to that moment had prepared me to step into the fullness of it. All I had to do was show up, just as I was.

Randy Pausch, who is well-known for his speech The Last Lecture, said, “The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out; the brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. The brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They are there to stop the other people!”

It’s when you come to that place, your own brick wall, that you make a choice to either commit or retreat. You are always either moving towards or away from your goal, your vision, your mission, your truth. In that moment lies the opportunity to say, “I am doing this!,” to face what is in your way, open up to the next step and move forward, doing what is necessary to create the future you are meant to be living now.

When you retreat, nothing happens. At first. But when you have a big vision, a mission calling to you, a purpose for being here on this planet that you are not expressing, and dreams for something better, it will eat away at you slowly. You will become more and more disconnected from your truth, from who you really are, and from your Source that feeds and supports you into your greatness.

I lived in this desert for a long time. Many years. I wandered in a wilderness of my own making. I cried out. I got stuck. I lost touch with myself, forgot my greatness. I found a million reasons why I could not, would not, should not pursue my purpose on this planet right then. I made promises to myself that I did not keep. It ate me alive from the inside out.

Something very important is always hiding just behind your resistance to making a commitment to yourself to step into who you are and take that out into the world. It’s both the prison and the key to your freedom. Your choice in every moment defines it.

The moment you commit to yourself and to that greater something, everything changes. Your perspective changes. Instead of making excuses, you seek results.

It is said that, “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves, too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.” (J. W. von Goethe)

This is precisely where the magic happens!

You must sound the call, engage first, and set in motion all that is ready to rush in to be a part of your creation and your bigger life, once you are ready for it.

I have had a lot of clients come to me playing the when/then game. They give me a list of what they want and tell me they will do everything I recommend to them if I can guarantee they will get what they want from doing it. At the same time, they tell their Trusted Source, “When you provide me with all of this, then I will answer the call.”

That’s not how it works. We came here for the experience. A perfect plan does not pre-exist; it becomes as we grow and evolve. It’s an organic process, and it’s miraculous.

Do you want it badly enough?

Are you merely interested or committed?

My Facebook friend, Suzanne Evans, recently posted, “Is your Coach confronting you and creating consequences? They should be.”

My answer is yes, I have a Coach that is doing that for me. Do you?

Call To Action:

I am here to work with those who are ready to be committed rather than merely interested. I am excited to explore the possibilities and guide you as you dive in to your vision, your mission, your dreams and your truth. I have a passion for getting you out into the world using your gifts and expressing your purpose for being here on this planet in a way that supports you.  If you are ready to truly change the way you show up in your life and in your work – in your career, in your relationships, with your money – then I want to share with you my very powerful processes. If you are ready for this, I invite you to have a call with me. What we resist, persists. You can make excuses, or you can seek results.

First, Heal Thyself

SelfI see so many people showing up in my community who are being called to be Healers, Helpers, Teachers, Coaches, Spiritual Guides, and Leaders. They just don’t know how to get started, and they don’t know how to make it work for them in a sustainable way. And so they wait…

Doing this work demands a level of self-empowerment that is very aligned with the Next Wave of Consciousness we are experiencing in our world right now. It’s not about waiting for something or someone to show up. It is about creating more power in our lives by taking more responsibility.

It’s time, really time, to stand in the Truth of our Power.

My clients are amazed when they come face-to-face with their own Power in very real and tangible ways while designing the lives they want to live and then building the businesses to support and sustain them in that.

It requires a huge shift from Victim to Creator, and it’s a shift I had to make several years ago with my own Coach to get to where I am today.

The kind of self-empowerment we need to truly create a life we want to be living can be achieved through self-healing. I called my own journey Healing Your Way to Prosperity. That is what I did. Drawing on my mental health background, my Spiritual work, and my specialties in energy medicine, I created a Path of Purpose for myself that led to self-healing, that then led to self-empowerment and then to creating Sacred Success in my life.

It is very possible, and this is the part I want you to really get. This is the personal and spiritual growth and development path I took that allowed me to:

  • Move from running an expensive hobby just a few short years ago, giving my time, energy and my services away at the expense of myself, to be able to be of high service to others while living my vision, my mission, my dreams and my truth, all while creating a life I love that supports me.
  • Move from being sick with chronic ailments since childhood and an undiagnosed illness for 7 years as an adult to being pain free and medication free.
  • Move from unhealthy and toxic relationships with my husband, my children, my parents and my siblings to truly enjoying healthy, supportive and empowering relationships with all the important people in my life.
  • Move from feeling isolated and alone to building supportive and empowering communities both locally and globally.

First, I had to make a decision to take control of my life, my emotions and my own healing, and then I was able to help others do the same.

Waiting is an illusion. You can create a better life right now. That means fulfilling work, healthy relationships – including your relationship with money – stress-free environments, more connection to your Self and your Spirituality, and living in your Purpose and loving it all.

You know, I see it so often. We come into contact with our calling. We see our big dream, and start setting intentions and goals for ourselves, we begin to strive for the good things like freedom, prosperity, abundance, health, wealth, and success, and, ultimately, living an authentic life. After all that commitment and effort, we often come to a screeching halt, lose momentum, wonder if it’s worth it, and fall back into what is comfortable and safe. Because our own stuff comes up.

When we have a Big Vision for our life, we have high desire, and often we encounter high resistance. We find ourselves doing what we’ve always done, not taking new action, stuck on replay. Because our own stuff comes up.

Have you ever felt like your life is dictated by where you’ve been, toxic emotions, your stories, and negative self-talk? This can result in creating a lot of what you don’t want, along with feelings of anger, frustration, hopelessness, and powerlessness. Once you start to spin, you find yourself doing the same things over and over again. You have a lot invested in staying here, and sometimes you don’t know how to get out.

Being stuck in this place of inaction causes all kinds of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. It eventually turns to anger at yourself, negative self-talk or feelings of wanting to just give up, or even beating yourself up about it. People try to make changes for short periods of time, then they get uncomfortable, and they retreat back into what is familiar and known, even if it isn’t good for them.

Have you experienced this? Do you keep committing to your path over and over, only to get thoroughly stuck time and time again? Or, maybe you feel nudged and called toward something, but you just can’t imagine how to even get started.

It’s time to deal with your “stuff.” Take control of all of it, rather than letting it take control of you.

This is why it’s so important to gain the power you need by taking more responsibility for your own life so that you can manifest what you really want. The Next Wave of Consciousness is calling you to take 100% responsibility for your life and to take third-dimensional action to create the life you want.

It is not simply about doing some things some times. It is about filling your spiritual toolbox and developing your daily spiritual practice. It is so important to integrate these things into your daily experience in every area of your life so that it becomes not just something that you do but a way of living and a way of being. It can be spiritually rich, and it also needs to be powerfully practical.

best years

I developed a Self-Healing Home Study Course based on my journey of Healing Your Way to Prosperity, and I invite you to take a look at it today and see how it can support and guide you in moving forward into the work you are here to do and the life you are here to live.

Wishing You Absolute Joy In Your Journey!

Your Personal Success Coach


How to Know You’re Ready for a Breakthrough

It’s amazing what kind of transformation you are capable of creating in your life when you make a decision and are committed to having a breakthrough. It’s your Intention that carries the initial power that starts moving you forward and causes all the unseen forces that start conspiring on your behalf for your highest good.

So how do you know when you are ready for a breakthrough?

Here are some telltale signs.

You are ready for a breakthrough if you are:
•Really wanting to make changes in your life and ready to move in this direction
•Transitioning out of what no longer serves you
•Ready to embrace your purpose
•Passionate about your vision, your mission, your dreams, your truth
•A person that others naturally turn to for guidance or you want to be
•Tired of losing yourself in everyone and everything else
•So done with giving yourself away
•No longer willing to be an energy source for others in a way that drains the life out of you
•Wanting to stop constantly shifting your energy to accommodate others
•Willing to step out of living out stories that no longer serve you
•Ready to honor your true self
•Ready to stand for yourself
•Preparing to stand for those you are here to serve
•Ready to make heart-centered intuitive decisions
•Ready to own your own agenda and create a life you love
•Ready to step into the spotlight of your own life
•Seeking to master your two greatest and most powerful tools – your energy and your intuition – to transform your life
•Stepping up to ask for what you want, become a match, and attract it
•Looking to experience relief and freedom that brings a new joy to your life
•Seeking the possibilities for yourself
•Committed to stepping into your greatness
•Open to going to the next level in your life

You are ready for a breakthrough if your current struggles include:
•Not knowing where to start
•Wanting control over your energy and your life
•Experiencing stress and fear that comes with stepping into your brilliance and your vision, your mission, your dreams and your truth
•Recognizing that a lot of energy is going out, but not a lot is coming in for you
•Losing your confidence due to criticism or weak support
•Questioning, “Can I really make this change?” “Can I really do this?”
•Spending lots of time being busy but feeling you don’t have what you want to show for it
•Spinning your wheels, stuck in old patterns, falling back into what is comfortable and safe but not necessarily good for you
•Continually losing momentum and having to get started again
•Feeling isolated and alone
•Lacking clarity
•Overwhelmed, shut down
•Unclear about how to move forward in any area of your life
•Coming up with lots of great ideas but not sure at all how to get started implementing them
•Finding yourself frustrated with inconsistent action and inconsistent results
•Feeling you have no time for yourself or not enough time for yourself to live the life you want to live
•You’re tired
•Your stress level is high
•You can’t see a way out of living the way you are living, but you know it’s no longer working for you
•You are exhausted and close to burning out
•You’ve outgrown your current life or parts of it
•You want something more
•You know it’s time to step fully into your life purpose, but you aren’t sure how
•Wanting to stop struggling but you don’t feel you can do it on your own
•Really ready to take a quantum leap in at least one area of your life rather than just creeping along but you lack the guidance, support and accountability that will assure your success

You are ready for a breakthrough if you feel the need to:

•Make a plan
•Move forward into action
•Learn to manage your Energy
•Reconnect with your Intuition, that part of you that knows what you really want, what you desire and intend, and also knows how to get you there
•Learn to create consistent results
•Create a lifestyle that supports you
•Integrate a rich spiritual life that you are longing to live into a successful physical life
•Make changes in what you are doing and how you are doing it
•Shift your models
•Experience a Mindset Makeover
•Bust Limiting Beliefs and Build New Beliefs
•Work Smarter, Not Harder
•Up-level your energy and enthusiasm to support your vision, your mission, your dreams and your truth
•Create a fresh new start
•Get the support and guidance you need
•Plug into a high-energy community and Tribe of your own
•Be supported in initiating a major up-leveling and mindset shift so exponential growth can happen with ease
•Take control over your own life and time

 So, what do you think? Are YOU ready for a breakthrough?

Michelle Barr has been a Personal Transformation Specialist for over 22 years. She has created powerful programs and services to help you get the breakthrough that will change your  life!

Right now, she has a 30-Day Breakthrough Special Offer just for you!

Doing Your Part in the Trust Fall

This happens to me a lot. I get contacted by people I have heard from before. I recognize them from my community, they may have come and heard me speak somewhere, and they are attracted to what I have to offer them. Something in them is telling them that I can help. Yet, they come and go, and they never make a decision, and they never commit. I may not see or hear from them for up to a year, then they come back again, still drawn, still speaking to their desires and dreams, and they ask me, how, how can I make this happen? I want to, but…

I want to share with you what I responded to someone who contacted me last night: Hi, it’s great to hear from you. Here is what I have to tell you. It is about making a decision and making a commitment to yourself, then watching for the opportunities to show up to create the means to make it happen. As long as you are holding the energy and coming from the place of, I will when… you will continue to wait until… There just really is no substitute for deciding to do it. I remember hiring my first coach and being so scared, how was I going to pay that every month, where would it come from, but it did come every month, and I have not been without a coach since. Let me know how I can serve you.

I see this so often, and I really wish I had another answer, I really wish I could tell you to just sit tight and the money will come streaming in. When? When the Universe feels you are ready? You tell the Universe when you are ready. When Spirit thinks you can handle it? If the desire exists within you, then the means to attain it is already here, it already exists. When things are better? When you are stronger? You get better and stronger by being in it, by doing it and growing and evolving along with what you are creating. It is a totally organic process, and you have to be engaged in it for it to work. Are you waiting until you are more prepared, have made time for it, cleared your major obligations, don’t have so much you need to do for everybody else? You will always have things in your life, and stuff will always come up. These things show up over and over again as a response, as a match to the energy you are holding in your thoughts, beliefs, actions and repeated patterns.

So, what are you really waiting for?

I’d like to share an experience with you that I had in hopes that I can give you a true feel for what the energy feels like that will get you there. I want you to understand what energy you need to hold to make it happen. In my M.O.V.E. process, I start everything with having you Make A Decision and then owning it 100%. And there’s a reason for that.

When I’m talking about making that decision and owning it, visualizing it, and executing it, I want to give you this example. It was so powerful. I love how it showed up. A friend of mine was doing this extreme confidence boot camp, and I was one of the teachers in it. I love when I’m the teacher and, of course, I get to be the student, and I get to be challenged. I get the opportunity to walk my talk. I love how that is.

Part of this involved this ropes course, and I had no fear about it. They had this two-story building with a set up, and you’re up on tight ropes, you’re harnessed, there’s zip lines, you’re walking on all these obstacles. I had no fear about any of that.

There’s this one thing I had tremendous fear and doubt about, and that was the trust fall. A big part of this kind of boot camp is that the way you do anything is the way you do everything and it all shows up. And you learn physically, mentally, emotionally really by going through these different exercises and working with that group dynamic. What you really feel in the world and how you show up in the world will show up in this experience. I surprised myself with this trust fall; it just terrified me. And it was beautiful, because we did it right before I was to teach this exact thing that I’m presenting now.

I give this talk all the time, all over, about mastering the art of taking action, about making a decision,the importance of committing fully to it and supporting yourself 100%, and this day I was giving this talk. So the instructor said, “It’s time for the trust fall.” Basically, everyone in your group is standing in two lines facing each other and just holding out their arms. We were a group of mostly women that day. There are these steps leading up to this platform, and you are going to climb up the steps, turn your back to the group, and they’ve created this cradle with their arms, and you are going to fall backwards into their arms. Very quickly, I realized several things.

I told you, I’m a huge risk taker. I don’t mind taking risks, but the risks I take, I’m counting on myself. I know I have everything I need, and I have everything in place, so this to me felt like a risk. I can’t even see the people, I don’t know if they’re going to catch me, I believe they have the intention to catch me, I trust them that much. But I don’t know if they will. Can you begin to see how this might have played out first in my early life then continued as I carried this energy with me?

I’ve been bonding with them all day. I don’t know if they can catch me, and I don’t know if I want to count on that. Suddenly, it was a risk I did not want to take. I’m falling backwards into the unknown. All these things started coming up for me, and when I started teaching this material afterwards, it all came together.

I want you to think about this. I let a lot of people go ahead of me, not knowing if I would even do this at all, and when she told me it was my turn, “Michelle you’re doing this,” I had not yet made the decision. In that moment, part of it was that pressure of, I’m getting ready to teach these people something, all eyes are on me. It was a beautiful chance for me to be vulnerable in a powerful way and make it a teaching moment while I was experiencing it myself.

So in this moment, I made the decision. Going up those steps, I still did not know if I was truly going to do this, if I had it in me. But there comes a point where you have to make a decision, and this is the part I really want you to understand. Climbing up those steps, I was saying, “Yeah, there are going to be some consequences if I choose not to do it. Nothing bad is going to happen to me, but I really want to come through for myself, I really want to do this, and I feel like I need to do it.”

You need to get comfortable with getting uncomfortable, and that’s something I’m always telling my clients and students, so guess what? Again, I have to walk my talk. They were all getting uncomfortable in all kinds of ways throughout the day. This was my moment. When you get to the top, you turn away from the crowd, and they have given you this very specific way you have to stand. You have to cross your arms, you have to straighten your body, your legs have to be a certain way, and your feet, and you assume this position before you fall.

So in that moment, I had to make a decision and own it and then I had to visualize myself doing it, and then I’m going to execute it. All of this happened in a matter of minutes. There was no room for second guessing or doubting, because once you make the decision and you start that momentum backwards, which is, you start the action, if you come out of that position, you’re going to hurt the people who are trying to catch you, you’re going to hurt yourself, and it becomes dangerous. Perfect setup for me. It was a moment where, once I made the decision, I had to support myself 100%. There was no way to stop myself once I set this in motion. I knew that. I could feel it the moment I got into this position, and I said, “In a moment, I’m going to fall backwards. I cannot stop myself.”

Once I start falling, I cannot say, oh, not doing this, and if I let anything get in my way and I come out of the position, I’m going to hurt people that are trusting me, and I’m going to get hurt. I took so much from that about this moving forward work I am teaching you now. What a great way to really get it. I think of that every time I’m going to make a decision now – then I own it, visualize it and execute it 100% as if there is no turning back and no stopping mid-air.

You have got to do it at 100%. If you come in and out of it, it’s damaging. It’s damaging to you, it’s damaging to the other people involved. What if you went into everything you did in that way?

Without all the push- pull energy, the in then out energy, the stopping and starting energy. I really want you to think about the commitment. And if commitment is an issue for you, if it feels scary, if you can’t hold it for a long period of time, commit for an hour, commit for 24 hours, just start committing and stick with it.

Now is the time to start. Wherever you are, whatever your life and world are about right now, you will know what your next steps are. Synchronicities will begin to occur if you open up to them. Someone, something will show up and open you up and positively charge you, and you will have the opportunity to step into it.

You showed up here, now, for a reason. You have desires that are speaking to you, dreams that are calling to you. But you don’t see how you can make that happen, especially not right now. Let’s talk.


Dear Reluctant Spiritual Teacher/Spiritual Leader

Dear Reluctant Spiritual Teacher/Spiritual Leader,

I have seen a recurring theme with my clients and my community this year, and I wanted to take the opportunity to speak directly to you as you have shown up here in this time and space to be a part of this shared journey. It’s a big path, I know that. I have been walking it for a while. And so I do not set out this year to focus my work on supporting you lightly. I know what is in store for you. And, still, I am moved beyond words to step up myself and continue in this way.

You are at a huge choice point right now to do this thing or not do it, and your DESIRE has to be really big, your WHY really big. It does take consistent action and continuous moving forward, especially in the beginning. And it takes a good amount of support and guidance. For you must yourself utilize the resources of those who are like who you are stretching to become.

At this point, it is imperative that you get clear and then look for the opportunities that would open up now, show themselves now, so that you could step into this, if it is what you want. They may not look convenient, and they may not be the way you want them to be – I have learned that for sure, but when I trust and follow the bread crumbs, it all comes together so amazingly that I realize I could not have orchestrated it better myself.

When you feel lost, start asking, and then look for the bread crumbs. Now, follow them.

Reconnect with what you believe, what you truly believe, even when you cannot see the evidence of it right now. Do you believe in an Abundant Universe? Do you believe it is available for you? Do you believe we can create what we want and need to move forward?

When there is a hesitant energy, a stalling, or a stopping and starting, there is a need to decide and commit… or not. Something big must show up to carry you through. You can ask for it, and then grab it when it shows up, and ride the wave.

Do some talking to the Universe, some clear, focused and grounded communication from the depths of you, then see – really see – what shows up as opportunity. What intentions do you really set for yourself right now, and what is the answer from the Universe?

Do that for a few days – 72 hours or so – then let me know what you experience. Expect the perfect opening.



Isn’t it time to turn your life’s calling from an expensive hobby into a profitable business?

P.S. This message is infused with energy, so as you read it, receive what else is here.

IOA, Your Formula for Success

It’s been a long journey, a lot of fun, a lot of roller coaster rides, since I first turned my life into an experiment for the Law of Attraction in 2003. By 2007, I had turned my passion and adventure into a business, and by 2009, I had created a full-time business sharing my journey with others and supporting and guiding you through your own roller coaster moments.

Last year, I had my graphic designer take my entire body of work, Master the Art of Taking Action, and turn it into a road map. You can get that for free. Recently, I called in my graphic designer again to have her help me put into words this formula I am just calling the IOA for now so that you could understand it more easily. A picture really is worth a thousand words, and when you look at this picture, you are going to start getting this on so many different levels. Which is great, because that is exactly how it works!

You see, I am always aware of what motivates me and especially what keeps me up at night, and these days I am really focused on helping you see how much achieving Intuitive Success can expand and impact your life in the most amazing ways. I am here to support and guide you in making a commitment to yourself to do the energetic work first – to develop your intuition, manage your energy and master your mindset. Clear the mental and emotional clutter and begin receiving the inspiration that is there for you before you start taking action.

Action is what manifests things for you on the third-dimensional plane, right here, so it shows up in your life. But you don’t want to take just any action, and you don’t want to just be doing, doing, doing; you want to learn to receive inspiration and then experience the power that comes with taking Inspired Action. It is important to first develop these gifts, abilities, and skills in your life, and then to learn to use the IOA formula – Intention, Opportunity, Action. The IOA integrates these three action steps with the use of your intuition, your energy, and your mindset. The result is Magic!

Believe me, I don’t say that lightly. I have to tell you, over the past few years, the comment I get most often from others is that I really know how to manifest. People are always asking me to tell them my latest manifesting stories. I have a lot of them. And this is how I do it! Finally, I am able to put words to it, so you can do it for yourself. Are you excited?

This allows you to take your dreams and vision and live into them here and now so they actually show up in your physical world. You learn first to reconnect your spiritual and creative energy with your physical reality, and then you learn how to Master the Art of Taking Action. But remember, not just any action. INSPIRED ACTION.

The best news is, you don’t even have to ask yourself, well, is this right for me? Will this help me right now? Maybe, I’m not ready. I don’t have all my ducks in a row. I made space for this in my life plan, but later. I’m setting the stage. I’m setting the table. STOP! I am an expert at helping people get into action, and I will tell you this – this works with baby-steppers, and it works with ledge-leapers. I work with both, and the results are the same. The reason it works is because it all works with your energy.

You’ve got to get to the Action. The truth is, it takes third-dimensional action to create third-dimensional results. It takes massive third-dimensional action to create massive third-dimensional results. That means, you have to come out of your head and come out of the ethers and make this thing happen for you in real time. It’s so much better that way. Really.

Stay tuned, because I’m going to be writing and talking a lot more about the IO and about Intuitive Success. I have a lot of great resources for you all the time over on my website. Make sure we’re connected on Facebook, too, because I am there every day, and I talk back to you.

Right now, I want to motivate you to get moving in the direction of your dreams and desires and to see how important it is to learn to use your intuition and your energy as the two most powerful tools you have, because they are, and I want you to see that your mindset determines a good 80% of your results, all the time.

And then, as your Personal Success Coach, I want to urge and encourage you to start getting into action and to learn to do it in a way that works with both your energy and the energy of the Universe. You can do that by learning how to Master the Art of Taking Inspired Action.

If this is already speaking to you big time, I would love to talk with you now. After several years of serving my clients and students and getting feedback about how I best give and how you best receive, I have updated my page explaining how you can work with me. I have taken the ways I work best with people, because they are my favorite ways, and also the ways my clients and students have gotten the best results, and I have laid them out for you in just a few options, that, again, make it easier for you to recognize the next step that is best for you and step up into it. Which option are you ready to choose?

I am being really bold here with you, and I realize that. I am committed to not allowing you to stay in your stories any longer that keep you in scarcity and lack and fear and all the other yucky, gunky stuff you have unconsciously created. I am giving you a loving, gentle push here into your own greatness, and, yes, most likely out of your comfort zone. I promise I won’t ever ask you to do anything that I haven’t already done myself. So, how about it? I’m ready when you are.